Specifications & Features

The Expanded Thesaurus(Maknaz) specifications:
  • The ability to search in three languages: Arabic, English, and French
  • The ability to search via facet code within the main subjects in relation to the same descriptor
  • The ability to search by non-descriptors
  • The ability to search through (KWOC) list using any of the three languages via "contains" feature
  • The ability to left truncate or right truncate the search term
  • The ability to export files in Excel and XML forms

The Expanded Thesaurus(Maknaz) additional features:
  • 4 thousand additional terms (descriptors and non-descriptors ) in three languages.
  • Instant update without the need to purchase new editions
  • Fast and easy search and retrieval
  • The ability to categorize specialized Thesauruses by using facet codes
  • The ability to adjust authority feature of descriptors through exporting files in XML form
  • Users' ability to be in direct contact with The Expanded Thesaurus (Maknaz) support team to answer their questions and meet their needs.
  • The ability to use the application easily at any time and place without the need to download it
  • The ability to connect to any library program linked to the internet